MozTech is the largest information technologies fair in Mozam bique, it was set up with the aim of contributing to the country's development and transformation, putting technology at the service of its people. The first three editions brought to Maputo examples of the latest technological trends in order to stimulate debate with a view to achieving a broad consensus on national technological options. We believe that by sharing experiences among major international technology companies, local entre preneurs and public authorities it will be possible to develop a strong networking capacity fostering the creation of new business opportunities and to contribute to Mozambique's technological transformation.

Following the huge success attained by the last three editions, we look forward to the future with the ambition of making MozTech an international benchmark and a source of pride for all Mozambicans. Our ambition is to ensure this initiative continues to grow, while putting Mozambique in the world digital and technological map.The initiative's future success will depend on the participation of all who wish to make a significant contribution to our country's growth and development.